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          Dear Parent, Dear Student,

          In order to reach each student in our development-oriented education program and to help them in line with their needs, we apply an "English Level Test" to our 5th and 9th grade students, whom we accept as Preparatory Class, at the beginning of each academic year. As a result of our placement test, which is the Cambridge University Exam, we determine the Elementary or Pre-Intermediate levels that our student will attend, and we offer our "Push-Up" Reinforcement Program, 5 lessons on Saturdays every week, to our students who need support.

          The details of the "English Proficiency Test" that we will administer to our 5th and 9th grade students as of Monday, September 7, at 9.30 are as follows.

  • The exam does not work on mobile devices (phone, tablet). It is mandatory to connect to the exam via laptop or desktop computer.

  • Our students take the exam can be accessed by clicking the link.

  • After being directed to the entrance page of the exam with the relevant link, they will be directed to the next page by entering the Username and Password information provided to you.

  • They only need to fill in the mandatory fields on the page they are directed to, they do not need to provide all the information. (fields marked with a red star must be filled in)

  • The first part of the exam focuses on Listening, and the remaining parts focus on Reading and Writing.

  • It would be better for them to attend the exam with headphones in order to answer the listening sections efficiently. In the 5th Grade exam, the Listening sections work when you click on the page. In our 9th grade exam, the listening sections become active when the 'play' button is clicked.

  • Exams are organized as 50 minutes for 5th graders and 70 minutes for 9th graders.

  • In case of internet interruption or technical problems during the exam, they can continue where they left off. For technical support 553 245 79 76 can be searched.

  • After the exam, our 5th grade students will continue with the 2nd lesson at 10.20, according to the new curriculum, and our 9th grade students will continue with the 3rd lesson at 11.10.

  • 5th grade Our students can get more information before the exam by watching the promotional video below.


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