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Enjoyable and educational routes for GEN travelers!

The question "Who knows who reads a lot or who travels a lot?" is still debatable.

We aim for our Gen College students to have fun while traveling and to learn by experiencing with on-site instructors and expert guides.

“The traveler travels to discover, not to arrive.” Goethe


With this approach, we want our students to explore with their friends, talk about their discoveries, and reinforce what they hear from expert guides and teachers. The unforgettable memories and impressions gained during the trips accompany them throughout their lives. It makes the achievements they gained at school even more permanent.


Science, space, sports, art, foreign language, history, etc. Age-appropriate trips planned to improve our students' knowledge and skills in various fields support their growth as world citizens. Join the Gene Travelers Family and don't miss the educational and entertaining trips!


Together with our solution partners, tourism companies, who have strong references, high-quality transportation and accommodation, work with expert guides and do not travel without health insurance, our education coordinators have prepared beautiful routes and programs for traveling students. Click the button below to review.

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