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Future Generations Learning Model (GENOME)

GENOM implemented at GEN College takes place in 3 steps.

1. Discovering the Student's Potential
In addition to teacher observations, scientific tests and inventories are used to get to know our students cognitively, physically and emotionally, and to discover their talents and interests .

2. All-round Development through Enriched Education
By hearing, seeing, playing and experiencing, students are enabled to learn quickly and permanently while having fun. And later, he is expected to produce new projects with the knowledge he has learned and the skills he has acquired.

3.Meeting Individual Needs
The aspects that the student needs to improve are determined and supported with individualized studies, homework and various practices. Students are given individual assignments in print and digital formats. The student's strong abilities and interests are determined throughout the education and YOUTH. It is developed within the framework of the Talents Programme.

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