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Within the scope of the measures taken due to the global coronavirus outbreak

During the time that schools remain closed, we hold our exams remotely online in a virtual environment.

Before logging into the virtual exam application, we recommend that you watch the Virtual Exam Promotional Video below.

IMPORTANT: Promotional Video is available on this page. You can also access the video from this link. PleaseClick here.

IMPORTANT: To see what you need to pay attention to during the exam applicationClick here. 

IMPORTANT: To log in to the virtual exam systemClick here. 

Your system login information (username and password) is sent to the parent's mobile phone via SMS before the exam.

The number of exam questions and duration are as follows. 

We kindly request that you log in to the system 10 minutes before the exam time and refresh the page at the exam time. 

When the exam period ends, the exam screen will close automatically. 

If you have any problems with the virtual exam application, call the Technology Advisory Line 05323606070 You can call on phone no. The Digital Education Systems team will support you.

5th grade:

Development Tracking Exam (GETA) Turkish and Mathematics: 20 questions - 50 minutes

Development Tracking Exam (GETA) Science and Social Studies: 20 questions - 50 minutes

6th grade:

Development Tracking Exam (GETA) Turkish and Mathematics: 24 questions - 50 minutes

Development Tracking Exam (GETA) Science and Social Studies: 24 questions - 50 minutes

7th grade:

LGS Trial Verbal: 50 questions - 85 minutes

LGS Trial Number: 40 question - 90 minute

8th grade:

LGS Trial: 90 questions - 170 minutes

9th grade:

GEN TYT: 80 questions - 100 minutes

10th Grade:

GEN TYT: 100 questions - 130 minutes

11th Grade and 12th Grade:

TYT Trial: 120 questions - 145 minutes

AYT Trial: 120 question - 145 minute

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