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Robotics Laboratory 

VEX ROBOTIC Prepared for kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and high school students; They are educational robot kits that enable studies in the field of robotics and coding. It consists of VEX 123, VEX GO, VEX IQ and VEX V5 sets. The training program prepared by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, the superiority of the number of parts in the sets in terms of quantity and quality, and the autonomous operation of the robots both with the remote control and with the written codes are the features that make VEX stand out. VEX Robotics Tournaments, which are included in the Guinness Book of Records as the 'World's Largest Robotics Competition' and organized by the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation, take place with the participation of 24,000 teams from 60 countries. VEX allows an unlimited number of tournament teams from each school; It allows participation in all VEX Robotics tournaments held in Turkey and around the world.


To watch the promotional video, scan the QR code or click the link.

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