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Dear Parent,

      As we complete the preparations for the 2022-2023 academic year, we will share with you our publications and
We would like to share the following details about the jersey. However new
The list of stationery your student will need for the academic year is below.
is located.

  •  Our parents who have completed the payment of the publication and uniform packages,

They can pick up their publications and uniforms from school on Monday.


  • Students' publications and stationery products should be placed in student lockers at school.

We kindly request that it be placed by our parents by Saturday, September 10th.
Relevant books, notebooks and products must be covered and prepared with name labels.
It is important.


  • We kindly ask you to purchase the products on the stationery list by September 12.

(the list is attached to the letter).

GEN College

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