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Dear Parent,

It is an indisputable fact how important reading books is. However, unfortunately, it is very difficult for students to acquire the habit of reading books. To help them develop this habit, we chose a book for each month to read at school and at home, appropriate to their level. Our aim is to help students both keep track of what they read and express what they read correctly. With this study, we believe that students will develop day by day in every grade and stage and will love and acquire the habit of reading books, and we aim to help them internalize our language and books. On Thursday, October 15 (today), the book planned to be read in October was delivered to our student. The delivered book will be finished within the time given by the teachers.

Afterwards, it will be evaluated by doing different activities together with its teachers. The activities will be displayed on the boards and then placed in the book review files. You will be notified via message on the day the books are delivered each month. Since the book reading will take place both at school (15 minutes in the first lesson in the morning) and at home, we kindly request that our student keep it in his/her bag on the days he or she comes to school for face-to-face education. We would be happy if you, our parents, follow up on their reading at home.

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