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With the development of communication and information technologies, borders are disappearing and the world is becoming integrated; Major changes are taking place in social, economic and cultural areas. With these developments defined as the globalization process, the world is turning into a global living and competitive area.

GEN College aims to raise students who know the globalizing world and can express themselves in this new order; It equips the next generation education program with many innovative programs in the fields of internationally valid science, technology, science, mathematics, foreign language, art, sports, social responsibility, personal development and entrepreneurship.

It cooperates with leading institutions and universities in its field and establishes strategic solution partnerships. It enriches its students with knowledge, skills and many achievement certifications that they can use throughout their education and career lives.

In the age of globalization, GENKoleji school administrators and teachers take their place as people who are constantly learning, open to development and criticism, able to direct the people they work with to work as a team, creating a creative learning-teaching environment, closely following technological developments and adapting to them.

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