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With the work we do by our Psychological Counseling and Guidance (PDR) Department in school-family cooperation, we enable students to realize their potential, get to know themselves, and discover their interests and talents.

In our PDR studies, we apply various tests/inventories to determine the student's individual needs and characteristics, as well as their academic, emotional and social status,  We evaluate the student's development by observing.

School Adaptation Program,

Getting to Know the Student,

Follow-up and Development Program,

Individual Development Program,

Classroom Guidance Program, 

LGS, TYT-AYT Information,

High School and University Selection Consultancy,

Vocational and Career Counseling 

We are making it happen.

We hold regular meetings and small group activities with each student to ensure that he or she becomes an individual who knows himself, can be self-critical, and has high respect for himself and the environment.

We contribute to the personal development and life skills of our students by organizing seminars throughout the year by experts in their fields.

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