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GEN College, founded in the 21st century, has a humanistic approach, innovative vision, education program that catches up with the era, and  It stands out with its success-oriented identity. It aims to raise today's children and young people as successful, productive, social and sensitive people with high awareness who can make conscious choices. 

It closely follows the rapid development of the world and Turkey and constantly improves its training program under the leadership of its training coordinators. It establishes strategic solution partnerships through collaborations with leading institutions in its field.

By incorporating internationally valid programs developed in science, technology, foreign language, social responsibility, personal development, entrepreneurship and many other fields, it equips its students with knowledge and skills that they can use throughout their education and career lives.

With the "Next Generation Education" held at GEN College, it is aimed to increase the competencies of students in the cycle of knowledge, values, skills and attitudes. Today's students, whom we define as the New Generation or Digital Natives, instill universal values, communication and life skills as well as knowledge. It offers a training program that equips students with their skills and helps them grow up as productive individuals in the information society.

Grass Haritası

 Education in the Global World

With the development of communication and information technologies, borders are disappearing and the world is integrating; Major changes are taking place in our social, economic and cultural lives. People's national ways of thinking and relationships are being replaced by an international way of thinking and relationships. It is a fact that with these developments defined as the globalization process, the world has turned into a global living and competition area.

In order to be successful in the globalizing world, creative and effective education that is open to innovation is needed. GEN College educational programs primarily aiming to raise individuals who know the globalizing world and can find a place in this world; In addition, it aims to raise individuals who can think critically, use the information they obtain by accessing information through different means, and have an international culture and knowledge. In the age of globalization, GEN College school administrators and teachers are constantly learning, open to development and criticism, and working together as a team. They have taken their place as people who can direct themselves to work, create a positive learning-teaching environment, follow technological developments closely and adapt to them. 

2030 Future of Communication and
Life Skills

Research conducted by Harvard University, Stanford Research Center and Carnegie Teaching Foundation shows that "Life and Communication Skills" (Soft Skills / People Skills) play a role in 85% of the success achieved, sustained and developed in business life; The remaining 15%  Demonstrated technical/academic knowledge and skills (Hard Skills).

While GEN College raises future generations to be successful individuals, it attaches importance to their being individuals with life and communication skills. In this sense, by collaborating with one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, all its students with English B2 language level are educated in an internationally valid language. It is included in the "2030 Future Soft Skills" Certificate Program.

soft skills.PNG
DIY Robot ile çocuk

Technology Production with Education 4.0

Industry 4.0, which shapes the world of tomorrow, is also called Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 includes new concepts such as robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things, cyber security and cloud computing.

GEN College aims to raise students who can adapt to Industry 4.0, design, develop, produce and use the technology in every field; It carefully designs the educational program, the school's architectural infrastructure, living and educational spaces, with the aim of providing education at the Education 4.0 level; focuses its teacher training on this area. In this way, GEN College enables its students to identify problems correctly (critical thinking),  It aims to raise individuals who can produce innovative ideas for solutions (creative thinking) and use the right methods and techniques for solutions (scientific and analytical thinking).

GEN Map and
YOUNG Talents Academy

Each student's GENE Map is created as a result of various tests, inventories and one-on-one interviews applied in cognitive, physical, social and psychological areas in order to get to know the student and discover his potential. The GEN Map serves as a guide in the process of getting to know the student, providing education to the student in line with their individual differences, tendencies, wishes and goals, and career planning.


The courses, workshops, practices and activities in the YOUNG Talents Program enable the student to acquire hobbies and improve themselves in areas of high interest; to gain awareness in areas where his talent is high; It aims to specialize in areas where both talents and interests are dominant. Before directing the student to the studies in the YOUNG Talents Program, the "Talent and Interest Map" inventory is applied to the student, and the student's dominant talents and interests are determined.

Kız Ressam
Beyin fırtınası Oturumu

GEN Incubation Center and Entrepreneurship

At the science-oriented, innovative, production and development-based GEN College Incubation Center, students are given training in the fields of ideas, projects and business development. Within the scope of round table events, it is aimed for students to meet with start-up founders and professionals from the business world and receive mentoring. During the Demo Day event, students are allowed to present their business ideas to their families, friends and angel investors.

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