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Stemist Digi Membership for Information Technologies


      It is an Online Information Technologies Education Platform used in the Information Technologies course. Each student logs into the system with the username and password given to him/her.


  • In the KINDERGARTEN program; Unplugged Coding, Basic Algorithm, Scratch Jr, Clementoni DOC, Matatalab, Makey Makey, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, STEAM Activities, Production Processes with 3D Printers.


  • In the PRIMARY SCHOOL program; Unplugged Coding, Introduction to Coding, Scratch 3.0, VEX Robotics GO, VEX Robotics IQ, Drone Training, Makey Makey, Paper Circuits, Tinkercad 3D Design, Tinkercad Circuits, Pivot Animator, Digital Citizenship - Cyber Security, STEAM Activities are included. .


  • In the MIDDLE SCHOOL program; Scratch 3.0, Python, App Inventor Mobile Application, Artificial Intelligence for Kids, VEX Robotics IQ, Drone Education, Smart Device with Arduino, Lego Mindstorms EV3, Micro:Bit, Tinkercad 3D Design, Tinkercad Circuits, Production Processes with 3D Printers, Simple Electricity Circuits (Soldering), Digital Citizenship - Cyber Security, Pivot Animator, STEAM Activities.


  • Coding in Python Language in HIGH SCHOOL program, App Inventor Mobile Application, Artificial Intelligence, VEX V5, Drone Training, Smart Device with Arduino, IOT with Raspberry Pi, Web Design, Film Making, Digital Media Design, STEAM Activities, 3D Design with Fusion 360, 3D Production Processes with Printers are included.

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