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Artificial Intelligence Supported Education Platform


Dijidemi, which is exactly compatible with the BES Publications we provide to our secondary and high school students at GEN College, is based on artificial intelligence and provides personalized education.

offers. Dijidemi has a very large question pool consisting of new generation questions from 16 leading publishing houses of Turkey. Each student logs in to the Dijidemi platform from the website or Dijidemi Student mobile application with the username and password given to him/her.

Dijidemi has lecture videos of all subjects in 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grades and question solution videos of all questions in the question pool. In this way, GEN College students can reinforce and repeat what they have learned by watching videos of the subjects they have learned. Likewise, they can learn the questions they cannot answer right away by watching question solution videos.

Thanks to its algorithm, Dijidemi prepares tests and exams at a personalized difficulty level, taking into account the student's percentage target and each student's success in terms of achievement. As the student's success in the relevant achievement increases, Dijidemi supports the student's development by asking questions of the next level of difficulty. When he observes that the student cannot answer the easiest questions, he directs the student to lecture videos. Digidemia creates an Error Booklet for the student from the questions he/she made mistakes and left blank. It allows the student to create similar Error Booklets with artificial intelligence.


Our students must mark their answers on the Smart Optical Forms in BES Publications' question banks and tests. Then, they must scan the QR code of the relevant test and ensure that the answers they give to the questions in the test are automatically recorded in the database shared with Dijidemic.

In this way, Dijidemia knows the student much better and artificial intelligence determines the achievement and difficulty level more accurately while preparing personalized tests and exams for the student. In addition, by scanning the QR code, students can quickly access the solution videos of all questions in the test.

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