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Subject: Delivery of STEAM Activity Sets and STEAM Projects

           Dear Parent, Dear Student,

           STEAM; Consisting of the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, it develops an interdisciplinary perspective, helps transform theoretical knowledge into practice, and develops innovative solutions to problems encountered in daily life by activating creative thinking. It is an educational approach that provides

           At GEN Future Generations College, the "STEAM Based Education Program" is implemented in order to ensure that our students grow up with a culture of innovation and become productive individuals (individuals who not only consume but also produce). In addition, STEAM lessons take place. Students are given a STEAM Activity Set to use in STEAM courses. With these sets, it is aimed for students to gain 21st century skills, become entrepreneurs at the K12 level, learn permanently while having fun, become STEAM Literate, and transform and exhibit their creative ideas into products with the STEAM cycle.

           STEAM Activity Sets, which we plan to use in the STEAM course in our primary school education program in the 2020-2021 academic year, have arrived at our school and are being delivered to our students as of today. Our students who receive face-to-face education at school received their sets today; Parents of our students receiving distance education can come to school and get our student's STEAM Activity Set as of today.

          The STEAM Activity Set includes the STEAM Book associated with the MEB program and 4 STEAM Kits to be created during the year. With this set, our students will have access to the STEAM Digital Education Platform; "My Idea, My Product" STEAM Projects will be prepared with the help of STEAM project descriptions and project templates. Our students will exhibit the projects they have developed at the technology festival called GEN TeknoFest, held at the school at the end of the year, and will have the opportunity to participate in STEAM Fairs held throughout Turkey. At the end of the academic year, our students will receive the "STEAM Literacy Certificate". STEAM Projects developed every year will contribute to the creation of our students' STEAM E-Portfolios.

          STEAM studies at GEN College start as of kindergarten. Primary school in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades;   Every 15 days, Life Science / Science course takes place as a STEAM course. We request our parents to send the STEAM Book to school with our student on the days when there is face-to-face education at school and to carefully keep the 4 Steam Kits from the activity set at home. STEAM Kits will be made by the student together with all other friends in the class, within the planning envisaged by the education program during the year. Therefore, your classroom teacher will inform you the week the STEAM Kits will be held and ask you to send the relevant STEAM Kit to the school with your student. The STEAM course, which is desired to be implemented at school, has been planned to be easily implemented in distance education. All content, educational videos, project preparation documents, etc. are available on the STEAM Digital Education Platform. available. Your STEAM Digital Education Platform login information (username and password) will be sent to our parents' mobile phones via SMS.

          For your information; We wish you a healthy and successful academic year.

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