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Today, the "Secret of Success" continues to be researched.

Research conducted by Harvard University, Stanford Research Center and Carnegie Teaching Foundation shows that "Life and Communication Skills" (Soft Skills / People Skills) play a role in 85% of the success achieved, sustained and developed in business life; what remains

It shows that 15% is technical / academic knowledge and skills (Hard Skills).

Eton College Collaboration

While GEN College raises future generations as academically equipped and highly successful individuals, it attaches great importance to them being individuals who also have life and communication skills.

In this sense, it cooperates with ETON College, one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, founded in London in 1414 and educating the world's best scientists, politicians and royal family members.

All  students,  international  validity  You can participate in the "EtonX 2030 Future Soft Skills Certificate Program" (2030 Future Life and Communication Skills).


EtonX Certification Program

Within this program, students will learn Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Leadership, Time Management, etc. He takes communication and life skills courses online with Eton College teachers. At the end of the training, they receive the prestigious "EtonX 2030 Future Soft Skills Certificate".

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