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In order to get to know the student and discover his potential, each student's GEN Map is created as a result of various tests, inventories and one-on-one interviews applied in cognitive, physical, social and psychological areas.

The GEN Map serves as a guide in the process of getting to know the student, providing education to the student in line with their individual differences, tendencies, wishes and goals, and career planning. However, in the light of the GEN Map report and teacher observations, all students are directed to areas appropriate to their abilities and interests in the YOUNG Talents Program created specifically for GEN College; their potential is maximized.



Lessons, workshops, practices and activities at the YOUNG Talents Academy enable the student to acquire hobbies and improve themselves in areas of high interest; to gain awareness in areas where his talent is high; It aims to specialize in areas where both talent and interest are dominant.

Before the student is directed to the studies at YOUNG Talents Academy, the opinions of the teachers are taken and the "Talent and Interest Inventory" is applied to the student. The determined areas of interest and interest are shared with the student and the parent. Taking the student's wishes into consideration, the student is directed to the most suitable areas in the academy. All works are exhibited in different organizations held throughout the year, and students' works are rewarded with certificates by collaborating with NGOs.

Life Intertwined with Art

Students will participate in visual arts, music, theatre, literature talks  like

They discover their interests, develop their talents, and learn to express their feelings and thoughts through art within the scope of courses and activities that develop 21st century skills. With the art lessons and workshops held at GEN College, it is aimed for students to develop in a versatile way and to be equipped to become world artists by receiving basic art education.

Developing Sporting Skills

Students are physically and spiritually relaxed and develop in all aspects during the sports activities held at school. Gymnastics, yoga, volleyball, basketball etc. While studies are carried out in line with the education program, GEN College students participate in national and international sports competitions and tournaments individually and in teams.

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